Meghan Yates and Laurel Leigh

09 Yates Leigh promo


Bellingham Art Beat brings you local artist interviews, hosted by Boosie Vox. This week well known musician with “The Reverie Machine”, painter and healer, Meghan Yates shares about her many forms of artistic expression and community events. Then writer, editor and host of the popular monthly Village Books Open Mic, Laurel Leigh gives us an inside look into her world of writing and about her new “Home Is a Handstand” project.

Air date May 2, 2016


2 Comments Add yours

  1. Tovah Rainsong says:

    Hi Boozie. I will be playing at Skylark’s this Saturday. Been playing music my whole life. 20+ years here in Bellingham. Check us out. The MelloTones. 8-11pm


    1. Boosie Vox says:

      Tovah! Thank you for sharing. I missed your invite due to computer issues. FB me about your next concert. I’d love to hear you. Perhaps you could guest on my show next season? Lets talk 🙂


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