Laurie Raveis and Mary Gillilan

13 Raveis Gillilan promo

Bellingham Art Beat brings you local artist interviews, hosted by Boosie Vox. This week we visit Bellingham Girls Rock Camp instructor and singer/songwriter Laurie Raveis.  Laurie talks about her process when writing a song and shares what she thinks makes a healthy community.  Next, it’s a stroll over to Bellingham’s historic Clover building to visit Mary Gillilan at the Independent Writers Studio.  Mary shares what life as a poet, editor, and publisher of the national biannual magazine Clover, A Literary Rag is all about.

Special presentation in the program today
by local actor Leon Charbonneau.

Actor Leon Charbonneau

Special music by Ave Maria (Schubert) and Laurie Raveis

Air date June 6, 2016



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  1. Janet Oakley says:

    Very cool. Mary is a writing mentor for me and Leon was my Hardesty in my one act play, Tree Soldier, for BOAT>

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