Fredrick Dent and Lisa Spicer

18 BAB Dent and Spicer promo

Bellingham Art Beat brings you local artist interviews, hosted by Boosie Vox. This week a special edition of Bellingham Art Beat focuses on anthropologist film producer team Fredrick Dent and Lisa Spicer.  Two outstanding artists in the fields of photography, film, writing, and editing, Dent and Spicer have their heart and soul in “The Homeless in Bellingham Film Project.”  The series of films, 10 to 30 minutes in length, introduce the multifaceted issues relating to homelessness in Bellingham through the eyes of people experiencing it.  These producers are active in the community, presenting their films to panels and interactive discussion groups of all ages, working to enlighten the population regarding core issues and solutions.  This “Beat” will both surprise and encourage!

To watch the series and donate, visit their site:

Air date: July 18, 2016





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