Carla Shafer and Leslie Wharton


This week on Bellingham Art Beat:
Make.Shift Radio 94.9 FM KZAX
Monday 3:30 p.m., encores Saturday 11:00 a.m
Informing and inspiring interviews of your favorite local artists hosted by Boosie Vox .

This week on Bellingham Art Beat host of the long-standing open mic monthly event Chuckanut Sandstone Writer’s Theatre and World Peace Poets co-founder Carla Shafer joins us. Carla shares about her first encounters with poetry in the second grade, her inspirations and the latest collaborations with The Whatcom Peace and Justice Center . Next is Leslie Wharton, author of “Phoenix Rising”, poet and novelist. Leslie shares how surviving a hellacious Colorado forest fire sent her life in a new direction. After experiencing the loss of everything including the shirt on her back, Leslie started writing her own story and collecting survivor stories. Her art helped her to process the painful memories and encouraged others. Two compassionate ladies on the show today.

Special music provided by:  Robert Sarazin Blake , Tom Paxton and The Kin

interviews recorded fall 2016





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