Nancy Canyon and Ron Pattern


This week on Bellingham Art Beat:
Make.Shift Radio 94.9-LP FM KZAX
Monday 3:30 p.m., encores Saturday 11:00 a.m

Bellingham Art Beat brings you informing and inspiring interviews of your favorite local artists hosted by Boosie Vox

This week on Bellingham Art Beat husband and wife artistic duo join the show and share about life as a painting couple.  Nancy Canyon is a painter, writer, teacher and poet.  She tells her story about how both painting and writing found her at the same time in her life.  Ron Pattern talks about life as a landscape painter with a day job.  He shares the desire to create more time in front of a studio easel and the “artist’s eye” at work in the world.

Special music provided by The Pointer Sisters, Baby Cakes, Ray Charles and John Lee Hooker

Reflection on Padden Creek, Nancy Canyon
Silver Falls Reflection, Nancy Canyon
Alders on Padden Lake, Nancy Canyon

Paintings by Ron Pattern:



recorded fall 2016



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