Morgan Paris Lanza and Pace Rubadeau


This week on Bellingham Art Beat:
Make.Shift Radio 94.9 FM KZAX
Monday 3:30 p.m., encores Saturday 8:00 a.m.

Bellingham Art Beat brings you informing and inspiring interviews of your favorite local artists hosted by Boosie Vox .

Morgan Paris Lanza, Executive Director at Bellingham Girls Rock Camp, Business Manager at Tillie Lace Gallery and School of Fine Art and musician joins the show this week.  Morgan shares what life is like as a multi-faceted artist and the joys of teaching girls the power of music at the Girls Rock Camp.  Also, she brings in a song from her jazz quintet, Impressions, called “No Moon at All.”  You’re going to love it!  Next up Pace Rubadeau, the internationally known trumpet player and music producer with Pace Productions visits us at the KZAX Make.Shift Radio studio in downtown Bellingham.  Pace enjoys jazz from the 20-30’s era and supports the revival music scene as the new booking and event coordinator for classic venue The Majestic.  Pace also shares the joy of playing out in natural spaces, especially canyons with good acoustics, and describes what Pace Productions is all about.

Morgan Paris Lanza
Pace Rubadeau standing on Lake Padden, Bellingham, WA Winter 2017

Special music by Amy Winehouse, Impressions, and Connie Converse.

Morgan Paris Lanza performing with JudyJustJudy at The Wild Buffalo, Photo credit: Jonathan Williams Photography

recorded January 2017




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