About BAB

This site will be deleted August 31, 2018


Logo credit: Daniel Laws

Bellingham Art Beat aired 2016-2018 for three seasons. Please visit  https://shannonplawswriter.com/bellingham-art-beat/
to hear the top ten visited shows over the two years

Inspire & Inform

Award-Winning Programming

Recipient of the 38th
Annual Mayor’s Arts Award

“…[we] honor “Bellingham Art Beat” and the advocacy it provides for artists. …Without contributions such as yours, Bellingham would not be the vibrant place it is today!”
~Kelli Linville, Mayor

Chickadee Productions on air since 2011


Bellingham Art Beat Copyright © Shannon P. Laws  Chickadee Productions ALL RIGHTS RESERVED


2 Comments Add yours

  1. Boosie Vox says:

    Thanks for listening!


  2. Coldslaws says:

    If there is a program listed here that you’d like to listen to or have a copy of please contact us at https://shannonplawswriter.com/bellingham-art-beat/


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